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Jubilee Blessings and Gifts

Jubilee Blessings And Gifts
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Terese Shinners, BVM

Share in the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of 17 Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary by watching a Eucharistic Liturgy on live videostream Sunday, Sept. 13, at 10:30 a.m. at

On Sept. 8, 1950, as the church was celebrating the birth of Mary of Nazareth, 70 of us began our journey into BVM life.

Now, 70 years later, we reflect on all the many ways we have been changed and blessed. We have lost loved family members and friends who enriched us by their presence in our lives.

We have engaged in ministries which we loved and which have given us so much.

The church of our childhood, enlivened by Vatican Council II, is being pummeled by the need to respond to societal problems. Our church and our nation are being challenged to address many injustices—racism, sexism, climate change, huge disparities in health care and wealth, among these.

We have also participated in our congregational adaptation to this changed world. We have striven to become a transparent and inclusive circle of friends. Sharing in congregational decisions has helped us live into our personal and congregational diminishment and our need to partner with other agencies for our mission to continue.

The years have given us wisdom, patience, and perspective and, as we ponder our 2020 vision, the gift of hope.

What a blessing it is to celebrate jubilee together in this year of historic transformation.

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  1. Terese,
    Your reflection gives me pause as I celebrate this feast day. Thank you for your words that continue to give hope for what was and what is to come as we share the many blessings that touch each of us.
    Happy Feast Day !
    Carol Marie

  2. Your 70-year historical perspective names past milestones and adds a note of hope for the future, Terese. I’m grateful to recall significant times and events along with you.

  3. Terese, Thank you for your meaningful sharing and God bless all of your Set as you celebrate your 70 years next Sunday!

  4. Thanks, Terese, for your wise words which expresses elegantly the heart and soul of BVM past and present.
    And Congratulations! Prayers and energizing thoughts for all those who are celebrating — may the joy and peace be experienced all year long.

  5. Thanks Terese! Your reflections give me much to ponder. Thanks also for your years of living our mission and loving those who came into your life. Congratulations!

  6. My dearest Teresa, Congratulations!!! for your expressions of love and gratitude with your ministry as BVM.
    Congratulations on your willingness to share with other the Gifts God has given all of you.
    Congratulations to the set who are together in this journey 70 years as BVMs.
    Congratulations on coming to the world and say yes to take care of our brothers and Sisters over the world and universe.
    Blesssings to the Jubilirians !!! Que vivan las festejadas!!!

  7. What a wonderful reflection of the ministry of The BVM’s. Their selfless work has blessed so many and continues to do so. These are strong, valiant woman who have dedicated themselves to God and others and I am so thankful they are being celebrated today. Congratulations to all BVM’s and a special acknowledgement to my aunt, sister Rosalie Glanz, who has been an loving inspiration for my family and for so many others. God bless!

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