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First Sunday of Lent: Jesus’ Time in the Desert

GOSPEL MK 1:12–15

The desert initiates us into the life of the spirit by helping us to discover who we most deeply are.”—Andrew Murray

Quarantining has been for many a desert experience. What have we learned about ourselves and our relationships with God and others? Share your reflection with someone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this.
    Right now, I feel a strong desire to learn to appreciate the desert – not just to pass through it, but to linger there to see, well, whatever there is to see. And hear what there is to hear. And …
    One thing I have learned about my relationships this past year is how strong the connections to this community are. You all are not only in my prayer, but you help to form my prayer. Living together within the same heart of faith gives me strength for the journey, refreshment in the desert. Thank you.

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