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Dad’s Presence Felt Every Day

Associate Pat Maddux with his son and father. 

This will be my first Father’s Day without my dad. Clyde’s battle with Alzheimer’s ended in September.

He was an amazing man, bigger than life, the center of attention, and full of humor and love. I miss him, but in many ways, I feel his presence more acutely now than I did when he was alive.

I recognize my dad in the man and father I have become. I feel his presence when I am hugging my teenagers and they are struggling to get away.

I feel him when I am giving advice and guidance they do not want and still manage to make them laugh.

I feel him in the unwavering belief that they are the most amazing kids in the world. And I feel him when I am showing them that the path to true joy and happiness is through loving others.

My dad is with me every day. He still makes me laugh. He is still giving me advice. He is still showing me how to be a father.

Thanks for everything, Dad, and Happy Father’s Day.


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  1. I loved your post, Pat, and share your love of, cherishing of your dad. Ours was much like yours; except for the hugs…he was in an iron lung but gave us the grace to endure and embrace in ways we never could have learned them. They have served us well. We were still able to laugh and sing Irish songs along with him, without being around his playing the piano…. How lucky we are to have wonderful, winsome, generous, joyfullllllll parents, right? Good on you for being “in his image”! xoxoxxo

  2. Beautiful sharing, Pat…he must have been a great man with a wonderful son to follow in his footsteps.

  3. Thanks, Pat, for this lovely tribute to your father and to you. He does live on in you and your relationship to your teenagers. Prayers and celebratory thoughts as you celebrate Father’s Day.
    Marilyn BVM (From Sunnyvale CA)

  4. My dearest Pat, good afternoon.
    I am so happy and proud of you and your sharing with us. This a special gift to us to have our parents and practice their teaching during our lives.
    Be blessed and continue to share with the world his presence.
    With gratitude and admiration,

  5. Thanks so much Pat for this wonderful tribute to your wonderful Dad. I remember in our cluster when you spoke so highly of him. What a gift to you and your children.

  6. What a treasure of memories from your Dad, being lived in the present, to continue into your family’s future!
    Father;s Day blessings to you, Pat.

  7. Thank you so very much for your loving comments about your dad. I love and respect your belief in the companionship of the presence of your dad prompting you with advice as he watches over you!

    Happy Father’s Day to you, Pat!


  8. Thanks, Pat for sharing your Dad with us. Dad’s do play a special place in our lives, sometimes in quiet ways, like my Dad, or with a gift of boldness or laughter, not like my Dad. It continues to amaze me how we each hold part of our Dads’ and Moms’ lives in who we are today. And the beauty of that is we can pass it on to our children, students, friends or strangers. Thanks Pat for doing that on this Father’s Day.
    Bette from Sunnyvale, CA

  9. Thanks so much for your beautiful reflection about your Dad. Amazing when we discover we are BECOMING our parents. How blessed your children are and how much they will remember the time you spent and the hugs you shared with them.

    Happy Father’s Day, Pat.
    Monica Seelman, BVM

  10. Pat,

    Thanks for sharing stories of Clyde. You are following in your Dad’s foot steps in so many ways. I imagine he is very proud of you.

    Irene Lukefahr

  11. What a marvelous tribute to your Dad, and a gift to your sons!
    This post should be sent out as it emits a feeling of joy and gratitude. Thank you.

  12. Pat, what a great tribute to your dear Dad. How grand that he lives on in you! Reminds me of my Dad. When I tease someone, I always say, “that’s my Dad in me!” Happy Father’s Day. Jean

  13. Thank you Pat, for sharing your Dad and your own heart with us. Your Dad must be very proud of the person you’ve become – and the Dad that you are. Thanks much!

  14. A beautiful tribute to your father, Pat. You’ve picked up well your father’s best qualities in your own life. Your words sparked memories of my own dad, and a prayer of gratitude for his love and guidance in my life.

  15. Happy Father’s Day to you, Pat. Thanks for the beautiful words about your father. Although my father passed away more than 30 years ago, I still talk to him and remember him with great love.

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