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BVM Blog - Walk With Us
We invite you to Walk With Us as BVM sisters and associates share their reflections on spirituality, our daily life, and the charism of the BVM community as expressed in our core values: freedom, education, charity and justice. We welcome you to share your comments, your reflections and your questions.

My Personal Journey as a BVM Sister: Marjorie M. Heidkamp, BVM

I have been a Sister of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary since 1952. I came from Chicago to Dubuque and entered the congregation at Mount Carmel at the age of 18 after 12 years of Catholic education.
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A Reflection on Columbus Day

A common myth that many of us were taught when we were in grade school is that in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed across the ocean…

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Being Open to the Spirit

I often find that what I am spiritually reflecting on and working on appears in the Sunday readings and homily. This I believe is the…

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Fighting Homelessness in Silicon Valley

With the market at an all-time high and money available to buy a variety of consumer goods to be without a permanent residence in the…

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Jubilee Thoughts: Faithfulness

In a society where vows seem to have lost the impact of faithfulness they once had, it is wonderful to be able to note that…

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