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Pondering: A Quiet Light in Every Heart

There is a quiet light that shines in every heart. It draws no attention to itself though it is always there . . . John O’Donohue

Associate Katie Anders

How do we learn to trust this? How do we see the innate goodness that shares space with selfishness and sometimes even cruelty?

An image comes to me of a small ember that just keeps quietly burning, giving off just enough light so that you know it is still giving off heat, still present.

It seems easy to be aware of those whose light is burning brightly, but what about all the people who quietly go about their day spreading love and kindness? Do I recognize them?

They are everywhere…the person who holds open the door, the woman who is picking up trash on her morning walk, the one who sits quietly by the bedside of another in need. So many people have lived lives motivated by this quiet light within, drawing no attention to themselves, and yet profoundly impacting others by sharing their love and kindness.

As I ponder this, I pray for the eyes to see the quiet light within each of us before anything else.

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