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Our Lady of Guadalupe Continues to Inspire Joy, Pride

We can learn much from the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe’s tender apparitions to humble, poor Juan Diego. But we can be enriched by the faith of Hispanics, especially Mexicans, throughout the world.

For me, a visit to the Basilica in Mexico was a foundation for my own spirituality. I was overwhelmed by the deep faith and pride of Mexicans eager to show me their Madre. What was (and is) it about this event that evokes such passion, love, and joy?

In Hispanic parishes, a most-celebrated Guadalupe event of the year occurs Dec. 12, the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, with rich music, roses, elaborate shrines, prayerful novenas, and of course, FOOD.

Celebration begins with a 5 a.m. “Mañanitas” (wake-up call to the Virgin), with lively music, native dances, food, and devotional prayers. They joyfully share their loving Virgin with other cultures.

Red roses symbolize the miraculous imprint of roses on Juan Diego’s cloak in the 16th century.

The Guadalupe experience has left a deep imprint on my own faith experience. What imprint can we allow God and the Virgin to make on our lives that will radiate joyful faith to all who encounter us?

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  1. This is wonderful to see a lot of people going for a pilgrimage. This is remarkable. Also, we need to ask ourselves, how do we see Guadalupe as expression of our dear God with the feminine image, embracing us all the time?
    Thanks so much, Judy for this wonderful reflection.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Ever since making my novitiate at Guadalupe College in Los Gatos, Our Lady of Guadalupe has had a special place in my heart and my spiritual life. May she continue to be a model for each of us in pursuing justice and peace in our world.

  3. THANKS so much, Judy, for reminding us how wonderful a Guadalupe celebration can be! How much I miss the MANY I shared during my 35 yrs in Chicago. May we continue to celebrate this beautiful Marian feast in solidarity with our sisters & brothers who need so much support today. Nancy McCarthy

  4. Thanks, Judy, for your reflections that connect us with such a marvelous culture and faith. This day always reminds me of the many times I got up early (or were awakened by music). I pray with a special love and respect when I recall with joy the many Hispanic students I taught and those families I encounter today.

  5. Thank you, Judy, for your reflection which was so much a part of mine yesterday. My weeklong stay at the Shrine in Mexico, a decade ago, was a profound experience in my life and one that united me even closer to our migrant families in the bootheel. I was able to spend time with some of their relatives and bring back the marvelous
    joy and hope that is part of the Mexican culture. BVM support of immigration issues makes me so proud.

  6. Dear Judy,

    Thank you for your lovely reflection on Our Lady of Guadalupe! My niece, Mary Johnstone, married Alfredo Astorga, a Mexican native. His mother’s name is Lupe. Mary and Alfredo’s first son, Jorge, was born on December 12th. His Grandma Lupe was overjoyed!! So every year we have a double celebration of Our Lady of Guadlupe. I had hoped at the time that he would be born on the 14th, my own birthday, but Grandma Lupe and Our Lady got the honors.

    Take care and happy Advent, Judy.

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