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Litany for Peace on Earth All Ways Always


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Litany for Peace on Earth All Ways Always
(Note:  This Litany may be used individually or in a group.  You might choose only one of the litany prayers daily instead of praying the entire litany at one time.)

Opening Prayer
Loving Creator, your Universe and Earth designs include a dream for peace and justice to flourish in all creation.  “Earth and all on it, the world and all who live in it, belong to Yahweh.  (Psalm 24:1).  Let us pray that we humans may foster peaceful flourishing in whatever ways our creativity and commitment will contribute.  So be it. Amen.


Dreamer of Equity for All, may economic poverty be extinguished so that all peoples may have the resources they need to flourish in peace.
Response:  Originator of Empowerment, may we live peacefully in ways to end discrimination and violence, especially against women and children, caused in part by a lack of nearby safe drinking water.

Source of Healing, may humans worldwide, regardless of their economic status, have access to adequate medical care along with medicines that are essential.
Response:  Visionary of Life, may we respect living beings in all shapes and sizes.

Inventor of Abundance, may all creatures be respected in humanity’s food choices as they fulfill needs for nourishment.
Response:  Sower of Fields, may all enjoy adequate healthy foods while respecting the lives of all creatures.

Creator of Imagination and Beauty, may our soils and water sources not be contaminated by wars, poisons, and plastics so that the beauty and variety of created beings of all species may continue to thrive in peace and beauty.
Response:  Designer of Color and Form, may we never be too rushed to take a few moments to enjoy the multiple colors and shapes you have generously provided us and to enjoy deep peace as we give thanks for their gifts to us.

Originator of Innovation, may quality of life, beauty, simplicity and sustainability inspire us to create resilient infrastructures that respect all with peace as we grieve the destruction caused by war.
Response:  Creator of Earth’s Gifts to Sustain Life, may we sparingly use gifts centuries-old for our energy needs and water supplies so that access will still be available and affordable to all in the future.

Inspiration of Possibilities, may we treasure the opportunities to develop intellectual flowering and work to assure these options are available to all regardless of economics, home address, race, age or gender.
Response:  Respecter of All, may we advocate for equity in education at all levels regardless of the prospective student’s place of residence, citizenship status, economics, race, gender, lack of adequate healthy food options, lack of nearby safe water supply, wars and any other barriers.

Creator of Humanity, may we honor the basic needs of your created ones by providing equal pay for equal work, just salaries, health insurance, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave for newborn and adopted children, senior care, paid vacation leave, daily breaks, safe drinking water, and retirement benefits.
Response:  Designer of Solidarity, may we respect with peace the needs of all by limiting our consumption, reducing waste, and advocating for justice.

Resource of Endless Opportunities, may we follow through with our concerns for Earth and all aspects of equity, justice, and peace.  May we learn from our native American sisters and brothers who treasure Earth.  We are reminded that “We need a conversation which includes everyone, since the environmental challenge we are undergoing and its human roots, concern and affect us all.”  Source:  On Care For Our Common Home, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis.
Response:  Genesis of Possibilities, may we support corporations and governments who provide equitable opportunities as well as Earth advocacy groups who advocate for equity in environmental issues, creation gifts for all.

(Choose instrumental music to play while you ponder a peaceful world and your role in it.) 


I commit to ___________________________________________________________as my participation in Earth peacemaking during this year.

Closing Prayer with Music in the background

With your fingers, make a sign of peace on the top of your head, on your forehead, and on your heart.  Repeat “I choose peace” as you make each sign.


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