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Keep Advent Awareness in Every Season

Although the history of Advent has many branches resulting in various meanings for the word, many of us have from childhood on associated both the word and the season with traditional words like: come, prepare, watch, wait, hope, expectation, anticipation . . .

Any one of these words not only describes this familiar time of year but also frequently recalls for us a host of memories unique to each of our lives, some filled with joy, others marked by sadness.

While the traditional descriptions of the season continue to carry vivid meaning for me, I have found myself more and more over the years thinking of Advent not so much as a unique season but rather as an intensification of what actually marks the truth of every season.

Jesus is not only coming in Advent; Jesus is here in every season.”

God is indeed born into our lives as an infant during this season, but God is also newly born and fully among us at all times, just waiting for us to be more aware and appreciative of that indescribable presence.

God as dependent infant is the special image that we honor during Advent and Christmas; yet God as Creator, all-loving Friend, constant Companion, is an ever-present God who is with us and in us every single day of our lives.

Without in any way dismissing or diminishing the miracle of Advent and Christmas, as we approach the end of the season, I pray especially for the grace to grow in everyday awareness of the miraculous presence of our loving God in me and in every one–always!

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful reflection.
    I am agree when you said”Jesus is not only coming in Advent; Jesus is here in every season.”
    All of us feel and perceive God’s presence through our relationships with others, and ourselves.
    Blessings always.

  2. Beautiful reflection. Brought me serenity as I read it aloud. Even the sound of the words, cadence of the sentences were calming, filled with meaning. Thank you, Sara, for your words on this day of the longest night.

  3. Sara, A enriching reflection and reminder that the presence of our loving God is with us all days and in every way. Peace to all, Jean

  4. Thanks Sara for reminding us of the expansive meaning of Advent. In this time of so many crises in our world perspective and a comprehensive sense of the Divine permeating everything brings hope and peace.

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