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Feast Day: St. Patrick

St. Patrick,       

the top of the mornin’ to ye!

You’re a celebrity

among our lot today,

a whole lot of fussin’

and wearin’ of the green

in honor of the Emerald Isle!

Tis true, we’re pondering our Celtic

 fusion of the daily and the divine

and we’re regaling steadfast Irish immigrant ancestors,

including bonny Mary Frances Clarke and friends–

their comradery, confidence,

and straight, sincere talk–

with just maybe, a little boast there and here!

Whether we’re being heady or humble, we hope,

as you encouraged,

“Not to hide the gift of God” [ Confessio]

but to reach out,

with others, to others,

intent that the “green”, we’re awearin’,

woven with strong threads of compassion,

embraces all.

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  1. Great! Loved the poem for S. Patrick’s Day. May God hold you in the palm of His hand always, Nancy.

    Thanks again, ae

  2. THANKS, Nancy – GREAT to hear from your talented pen again! Love, the ‘other Nancy’ from set of ’60.

  3. Thank you for reminding us in beautiful poetry of this great feast! May the blessings of Brigid also be with us!

  4. Thanks, Nancy, for this beautiful and nice poem. Our BVM roots show us the central of our founder’s commitment with God’s people.

  5. A great prayer and poem. I love the image of the threads in the green — so that we share our compassion and care always — on this day especially but every day.

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