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Women’s History Month: Who Are Your Unsung Heroines?

Heroic women! Theresa Rhea, Dolores Williams, Beverly Kelly, Carrie Miller are the names of four unsung heroines.

These women are probably not familiar to you. They are four African American women who have served as teachers, principals, and counselors in Chicago’s parochial and public schools for years.

They have volunteered in their church, Corpus Christi Catholic Community, on numerous committees. Their volunteerism includes creating beautiful and prayerful Sunday liturgies, working in the soup kitchen, and so much more. They have raised their families and have loved and supported thousands of children (and parents) over numerous generations.

I want to give them a “Shout Out” and a big thank you for their generosity, giving witness to their faith, and “walking the walk.”

There are many other women on my list of heroic women.

Who are the women, especially during this Women’s History Month, that you would want to recognize? I hope you would reach out and extend a word of thanks, including those that may not be widely known.

Many of you reading this article are among those unsung heroines. Thank you for who you are and for your generous service and contributions to creating a better world.



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  1. Thanks, Nancy, for sharing these women with us. I think most women are on the Unsung Hero list, especially those who have worked in parishes. They just quietly work behind the scenes making so much of parish life happen.

  2. Thanks, Nancy, for posting this. As I reflect on my own “Unsung Hero” list, I’m filled with gratitude to so many wonderful women – including those in my own family, people with whom I’ve ministered and my BVM family. We truly are gifts to one another and to our world.

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