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Women’s History Month: Let All Women’s Voices Be Heard

“Ain’t I a woman!” was a statement attributed to Sojourner Truth in her address to the Women’s Rights Conference in Akron, Ohio, in 1851.

Sojourner was an African American woman who was born into slavery but escaped and “walked away by daylight” from it at age 30. She was courageous and tenacious for truth despite horrific obstacles. Sojourner Truth was a powerful advocate for African Americans and women in the 19th century.

Moving forward to the 1970s, Helen Reddy’s song, “I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore. And I know too much to go back an’ pretend . . . ” blasted over the sound system as we played women’s collegiate basketball. At that time we fought for uniforms for the team and for a salary for the woman coach. After our first year of going to regional finals, we got uniforms!

Today, Stacy Abrams, a Georgia state representative and recent gubernatorial candidate, established herself as an advocate for fairness and accuracy in state and national elections, as well as in the upcoming 2020 census. She reminds us that “Injustice is not a new phenomenon. Therefore our obligation is to never waver in the battle to defeat it.”

The observance of Women’s History Month needs to include the contributions of all women who have fought for equality and justice. These three brave women advocated for the rights of women and have inspired thousands.

When we get a little tired and feel overwhelmed, may we hear their and other women’s voices and be renewed in our efforts for human rights of all people.

May our female voices roar this year in every caucus, primary, and election!




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  1. THANKS, Nancy, for ALL you share with us. This is SO timely & definitely a positive piece to lift our spirits today (& all month). Gratefully, Nancy

  2. Often I visit the BVM Heritage / Leadership room on the first floor of our Motherhouse. I sit, surrounded by photos on the wall of Mothers General / Presidents / Leadership Council Teams, thinking about or remembering their accomplishments of the past 185 years. Each was / is a leader in her own way, women of foresight, wisdom, challenge, compassion, and courage. All of them women of prayer and deep love. I think to myself “What a power of gospel living and global care they have been / are. Yet, few in the world know of them outside our BVM Congregation. I hold them in memory and thank them during this Women’s History Month.

  3. Thanks, Nancy, for sharing this insight on a great woman in women’s history. Good reminder during Women’s History Month. Blessings, C Jean

  4. Thanks, Nancy, for such an informed and expansive presentation of heroic women. Many other women to celebrate. And gratitude for all you are doing as a woman, Franciscan and Social Justice Coordinator.


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