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Sister Kathleen Marie Carr, BVM

Sister Kathleen Marie Carr, BVM

Sister Kathleen Marie Carr, BVM, 73, died at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa, on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Sharing of Memories, Virtual Visitation, and Mass of Christian Burial were Monday, June 22, 2020 in the Marian Hall Chapel. Burial is in the Mount Carmel Cemetery.

She was born Feb. 19, 1947, in Seattle to James Patrick and Genevieve Agnes Kuhry Carr. She entered the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary congregation July 31, 1965, from Christ the King Parish, Seattle. She professed first vows on Feb. 2, 1968, and final vows on Feb. 2, 1974.

Sister Kathleen was the director of campus ministry at Clarke University in Dubuque. She worked as a program administrative assistant at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.  She ministered as a secondary teacher in Wichita, Kan., and in Rock Island, Ill., where she also served as retreat director. She was a parish social ministry coordinator in Corvallis, Ore. She served the community as initial membership coordinator.

She was preceded in death by her parents and a brother Michael Carr. She is survived by siblings William (Anne) Carr, Spokane, Wash.; Patrick Carr (Richard Hess), Santa Rosa, Calif.; and Mary Ann Carr (Dale Cox), Alsea, Ore.; a sister-in-law Lisa Carr, Bellevue, Wash.; nieces, nephews, and the Sisters of Charity, BVM, with whom she shared life for 55 years.

Memorials may be given to Sisters of Charity, BVM Support Fund, 1100 Carmel Drive, Dubuque, IA 52003 or online at

Kathleen Marie Carr Eulogy

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This Post Has 31 Comments
  1. I had the privilege of getting to know Kathy during the time that we both participated in the Spiritual Direction Preparation Program in LaCrosse. We traveled together from Dubuque to LaCrosse for the weekend workshops during the three years of the program. I always enjoyed our time together and our visits going and coming home again. She is such a good woman and will be missed by so many! Peace and love to all who mourn her loss!

  2. Kathy was my almost-spiritual adviser. I met her several years ago, when she agreed to be my companion for a Busy Person’s Retreat sponsored by Clarke University, where I was employed. My silent reaction when she introduced herself to me was: Wow! What a beautiful smile! After that first BPR, I was privileged to be with Kathy for two more.

    Kathy knew instinctively when to speak and when to remain silent. Because I am a chatterbox (a flaw I need to work on), I generally filled our time together with what I felt I needed to say. Kathy listened, nodding now and then and, of course, smiling. In my penultimate conversation with her, she asked me a question that brought me up short and that I have continued to ponder over the past two years. She said, “Sue, I know you love God. But do you trust Him?” Oh, my! How had she seen so deeply into my soul?

    I stumbled through a reply that I cannot remember. But I’ll never forget her gentle response: “Most of us have trust issues with God. We need to remember that, where God is concerned, love is trust.”

    So I trust that God has swept Kathy into His arms and is holding her close, whispering to her, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have helped build my kingdom on earth. Welcome, welcome, home!”

  3. I first met Kathy through our Vocation Ministry and DAVA. What a grace filled, loving and generous woman. She really hung in through a lot of health issues with a smile and perseverance. I am deeply sad for her loss. My prayer to her Sisters and family.

  4. I remember when Sister Kathy came to our Parish in Corvallis, Oregon. I am part of a women’s group that has been together for 40 years. Sister Kathy joined our group and was with us for about half of that time. We still counted her as one of the LITES (Ladies In The Eternal Search) even after she returned to Iowa. I remember when we invited her to guide us in a small group retreat at my home shortly after she moved to Corvallis. It was a great time to get to know her. She was such a lovely woman. She blessed my life. It was special that she went ‘Home’ to be with her God on the feast of Corpus Christi! She will be missed…

  5. I lived with Kathy at Mount Carmel Academy in Wichita Kansas in the mid-70s. What a loving, wonderful person she was! I will miss her greatly.

  6. I work as a spiritual director at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse, WI, where Kathy prepared to be a spiritual director. I never saw Kathy without a smile. She simply radiated love, joy, and Sacred Presence. I am so grateful to have known her for three years.

  7. My memories of Kathy go back almost 60 years to our time together at Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle. She was the little curly-headed spark plug in any gathering! Her energy — and her laughter — was infectious. When Sister Kathy returned home for visits with family, it was an opportunity for her many friends to get together to “break bread” with one another. Her presence brought light and grace to the gathering; it was truly Eucharist for those of us gathered at the table.

    Rest in peace, dear friend!

  8. Sister Kathy was such a kind and fervent supporter of me in my two years as director of campus ministry at Clarke. I’m grateful for the contributions she continued to make as a spiritual guide at the Busy Person’s Retreat. Her presence was one of openness and authenticity. I am blessed to have known her. May the angels welcome her into Paradise.

  9. Kathy Carr was my religion teacher at Alleman HS in the late 70s. She was so loved by her students. She taught a class on death and dying that was very popular. A strange class to be popular but that speaks to her teaching and love. I was blessed enough to have seen her over the years and it was always a pleasure. Her love of others and joy of life was a tribute to her faith and soul. I will miss her. RIP.

    1. Thanks to Tammy for saying what every student of Sister Kathy Carr would echo at this moment. I recall Sisters wise comment that if I dont like rain, I’d better not move to Seattle. For some reason whenever I went to Seattle it was sunny!! She also taught me Death and Dying and I’ll never forget the funeral I planned, the songs I’d want sung (Peace Train”, Cat Steven’s was one), what wed like someone to say about me. All good things to think about. Sister was always surrounded by students. I wonder what songs she wrote for her funeral. I am sure we are all saying things she would be happy to hear. Thanks Sister Kathy for your love and inspiration.

  10. Thanks to Tammy for saying what every student of Sister Kathy Carr would echo at this moment. I recall Sister’s wise comment that if I don’t like rain, I’d better not move to Seattle. For some reason whenever I went to Seattle it was sunny!! She also taught me Death and Dying and I’ll never forget the funeral I planned, the songs I’d want sung (Peace Train”, Cat Steven’s was one), what we’d like someone to say about me. All good things to think about. Sister was always surrounded by students. I wonder what songs she wrote for her funeral. I am sure we are all saying things she would be happy to hear. Thanks Sister Kathy for your love and inspiration.

  11. I was blessed to have Kathy’s friendship through our years at Bishop Blanchet High School and beyond. Her visits home always drew several of us back together to “catch up.” May she rest in peace!

  12. While I am happy for her that she has gone home to God, I am incredibly sad. Kathy was my spiritual director during the practicum week of the Spiritual Direction Preparation Program in La Crosse. We became very close during that time and I had promised to come visit after the COVID restrictions. She was a very warm kind loving person who I am honored to have known for even a short time. Her fragile body just couldn’t contain her amazing spirit any longer!  May she rest In peace.  

  13. I met Sister Kathy when she was a teacher at Alleman High School and I was a student, and our friendship started immediately and continued for 40 years. She was one of the most open-minded, non-judgmental, compassionate, dedicated, and caring people I have ever known. She also was a fun person to be around and had a fantastic laugh that I will be able to hear in my mind forever. Thank you, Kathy, for all of your love, teaching (including introducing us to the books of Leo Buscaglia), counseling, and, above all, your friendship. My family and I will miss you dearly.

  14. Sr. Kathy was the sweetest. She was my spiritual director for about a year and I will miss her. She was always kind, loving, compassionate and full of life. Rest in peace, sweet Sr. Kathy. May the choir of angels greet you!

  15. Kathy could light up the room with her smile and her joy was contagious. I met her at Clarke when she served as my faith companion on a Busy Person’s Retreat. Throughout the retreat, she helped me realize God was calling me to become a BVM associate—and she guided me on that journey as my companion. We met often for lunch, to catch up, and share our faith. I miss her; the world will miss her. Rest In Peace, Kathy—and rejoice in your new home.

  16. What a beautiful woman! Kathy was always so willing to help us at Loras in any way that she could. She was a Spiritual Director for our students, so gentle and loving. I will always remember how caring she was to reach out to me as my Dad was dying last year. She sent me notes always just at the right time when I needed them. She is truly an angel in my life! ❤

  17. What a beautiful woman of God! Sr. Kathy was always so loving and gentle to myself and the Loras students that she met with for Spiritual Direction. She was there for me last summer when my Dad was dying. She always knew just when to send a note to check up on me, both before and after his death. I’m sure that there is a huge celebration in heaven right now!! ❤

  18. Sr. Kathy– a woman of wisdom, deep compassion, insight, faith, and faithfulness. A listener, yet one to speak out for a cause, teach, and guide. Serious, but ready to erupt with her beautiful smile and bubbling laughter in joy. She was ever patient with, and accepting of, another’s situation, and of her own difficult health issues. Who heard a complaint, or knew her to stop doing her good work or learning new skills, or hesitating at yet one more request for prayers. She made me feel loved. And I loved her, like a sister. I thank God for her, miss her already, and will never forget her.

  19. I have many fond memories of meeting Kathy when she served Campus Ministry at Clarke College and later, we were called to serve in Vocation Ministry. Kathy was a woman whose laughter brought joy to others, even as she struggled with health issues. Kathy was gifted woman whose genuine goodness embraced all. Yes, her loving heart overflows with compassion and her kindness knows no bounds. Kathy cared for all she met and those with whom she worked. Thank you Kathy for your goodness and your ability to laugh at the days to come. I am so grateful to have been blessed to work with her. Until we meet again blessing and joy to you forevers. Carla Popes PBVM

  20. I first met Kathy as a friend of a friend. I thank God for her life, commitment, and joy. Her joy is now complete.

  21. I taught with Sr. Kathy at Alleman High School. She was an inspiration to the students, staff and faculty with her sincerity, empathy and humor. She left a great legacy of memories that is a gift to all of us.

  22. We are blessed to be among Kathy Carr’s “first friends”.
    It was the spring of 1955 when Kathleen Carr marched into the 7- year -old lives of Mary McDermott (Comnick) and Polly Piper (Perry). We were in Sister Mary Ruthella’s 2nd grade class at Christ the King School in Seattle. (We had previously terrorized Sister Saint Felician in kindergarten and Sister Mary Alberta in first grade and later Sister Jean Anne in the 5th grade)
    Since it was 2nd grade, First Communion was celebrated in the Spring after Easter. We had made our First Communion but when Kathy arrived, she had not yet made hers. So, the Sisters arranged to have Kathy make her first communion in the chapel. (A very big deal at the time!)
    The Sisters also wanted to make sure that Kathy had music and since the class already had the songs memorized, they held auditions. Polly got picked to sing and Mary didn’t. This exclusion has never been purged from Mary’s memory, and has provided decades of teasing at Mary’s expense from Kathy and Polly!
    We continued forward together–Kathy, Mary and Polly–through grade school and high school. Of course, there are so many wonderful memories!
    In high school, we would always call in the evening to help each other with our homework. Mary and Polly got the better deal on that one!
    Kathy and Mary were lab partners in chemistry. The teacher was Kathy’s Uncle Bill (Sister Deanna’s Dad). The thought of chemistry was intimidating but turned out to be one of our favorite classes! Mary always remembers Kathy asking “Mr. Carr” a question with each showing a sly smile! Slowly but surely Kathy and Mary figured out our assigned unknown – it was lampblack! Kathy was always so willing to help all of us.
    Kathy loved her family dearly and shared updates on everyone! Thank goodness for technology! We have so many pictures and messages from Kathy that we can just pick up the phone and remember! Bless you our dearest Kathy!

    Mary and Polly

  23. Kathy and I met when we worked together ten years or so ago on events to draw Clarke employees and BVMs closer together. She was a true “connector.”
    More recently I was moved to ask if she would be my companion as I began a discernment process. Our meetings were a source of great inspiration for me. Kathy brought important spiritual voices, including her own, to these meetings. She listened, gave thoughtful and humble feedback, prayed with me, encouraged me, and challenged me to do more than think and pray. “I am glad you are exploring these avenues and not just waiting for things to happen to you,” she would say. She also shared from her own experiences, including her vulnerabilities, as a way of helping me to discover mine. She always made me aware that we were discerning and growing together.
    Something that most clearly demonstrates to me Kathy’s love, thoughtfulness, and grace is the way we first began this relationship. Sensitive to the fact that she now lived in a space that had been the home of my dear friend, Harriet Holles, Kathy asked if meeting there was going to be okay. Such kind, thoughtful, gentle consideration. After that, we never began a meeting without her reminder that Harriet was with us, too.
    I will miss you, Kathy Carr! But whenever I pray, I will know you are with us.

  24. Kathy led my discernment group as I was studying for BVM Association. I did not know her, but immediately knew I was blessed by the connection. Her suggestions, questions and points were soulful and directly, but gently extended. To commence our first time meeting in person, Kathy stood back apprising me and said “Yep. I can tell you’re a hugger.” She proceeded torward me with arms outstretch and our relationship has never altered from that embrace. Our connections grew more spiritual and intellectual, but her embrace of me and life have not altered. What a brave, gentle soldier for fears and limits were tackled with gusto and grace. Simultaneously Kathy carved out energy for others and issues. A life force unique, quick-witted and to be missed !!

  25. What a joy and blessing to have known Kathy for almost 60 years. So many wonderful memories of our days at Blanchet High School, of gatherings at her mom’s when Kathy was home for a visit, of her devotion to her family, her friends, and her faith. I will miss her. Rest in Peace, dear friend.

  26. Kathleen was a wonderful woman , who I talked to on the phone a lot while I was hosted by her mother in Seattle back in 1983.
    Such a warm hearted and wonderful woman, who was always interested in that life abroad in Germany and who took so much care of Genevieve, her mother.
    Well, since I feel as a CARR family member , I give my sincere condolences to the CARR family : to Pat, Mary Ann and Bill and the other family members.
    Mein herzliches Beileid,
    Eva Baumann

  27. I had the privilege of meeting Kathy my sophomore year at Clarke and am very blessed to have her friendship and love for the past 33 years. I will hold fond memories in my heart forever of our times together in the Clarke chapel, the Mining Company, Happy Joes, Marios and her apartment. I will miss her cards and sharing stories and laughs together over a meal.

    Cheers to you Kathy, for being Christ’s hands, feet, and eyes while on earth. Please keep guiding us so we are able to meet up with you again in heaven.

  28. We are very sorry to hear of Sister Kathy’s passing. She was a beloved champion of our work to fund and support women in North America and Central America working to create effective and lasting change, as it relates to social and economic justice. Not only was Sister Kathy a generous donor, she was also an advocate of our work–sharing our story with others so that they might be inspired to join us in empowering women and their communities to flourish in solidarity and justice. May we all continue to be inspired by Sister Kathy’s life!

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