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Saints Among Us on All Saints Day

Gilbert Keith Chesterton once defined the Communion of Saints: “The Church Triumphant is All Saints, the Church Suffering is All Souls, and the Church Militant is all sorts.”

Indeed we are. Heaven will be filled from this motley crowd. Looking back on a looong life, I believe that. Even without purgatory to spruce us up, among us are exemplars of heroic sanctity.

I have known BVMs for whom I gladly would testify at canonization proceedings, but my acquaintance is limited by my way of life.

I’ve known more children than adults, and it’s too early to tell with them. In the wider world, I believe there are women and men of integrity, unselfishness, generosity, faithfulness, patience, chastity, humility, devotion, and diligence. Sometimes I’ve seen this reflected in their children.

These aren’t the people we usually see on the news. These are the ones we celebrate on All Saints Day.



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  1. i love your thoughts about saints. Our current pastor encourages our school children by telling them a saint is a person who keeps trying to do their best. I agree that there are so many saints among us who enrich our lives . We are blessed to have saints walking among us. Blessings to you. Do contribute regularly to the blog? Patty

  2. Thanks, Mary, for giving us a new way to look at this day – always refreshing to have a different ‘slant’. Happy Feast! Nancy

  3. Thanks, Mary, for personalizing this Holy Day. Children hopefully will reflect the “holiness” of parents and we can all rejoice in those we don’t see in the news or part of a canonization process.


  4. Mary, you would be the perfect witness for the hearings associated with the road to canonization. Your clear manner of expressing yourself would be a convincing statement for anyone being considered. Thanks for writing this blog.

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