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Palm Sunday: God is Love

We have pondered this Lent how we might better love ourselves, our neighbor, and God. In my Lenten practice, I may have found myself needing to ask for the grace to love myself in areas of my person that are wounded, addicted, insecure, or full of grief. Or perhaps I was most attracted to the call to love my neighbor and have cared in a special way for someone in need. Or maybe the call to love God with my whole heart, soul, and mind lured me to imagine myself journeying into God’s space.

In the end, it’s really all the same. I might find myself deeply wounded by something that has happened in my life. I place myself in Mary’s arms and Mary takes me to Jesus whose love and light is healing. As a result, I am able to love my neighbor with greater compassion and patience.

Love of self IS love of neighbor IS love of God. Or put more simply: Love is Love. God is Love.

On this Palm Sunday, let us ponder:

  1. What entry point into Love called me this Lent? Was I most attracted to the love of self, the love of neighbor, or the love of God?
  2. How did I experience points of convergence? Did I find that entering into the mystery of Love actually integrated the love of self, neighbor, and God?
  3. Love is Love. God is Love. How has my understanding of this mystery of God deepened my readiness to celebrate Easter?


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