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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast Day: Miraculous Graces Rain on Us

The feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is celebrated joyfully by Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary every July 16.

Our beautiful home above the Mississippi River is our Mount Carmel; surely it is as beautiful as Mount Carmel in the Holy Land is reputed to be.

It is, too, a place where the pleas of God’s people are heard.

In the midst of devastating drought, the prophet Elijah’s servant climbed Mount Carmel day after day in hope that God would respond to their prayers. He was finally rewarded by the appearance of a fist-sized cloud that became a deluge, restoring the dying land to fruitfulness.

We all experience times of personal drought; we beg to have our inner landscapes restored. Time and again, we bow our heads in awe as miraculous graces rain down on our lives, our families, and our communities.

In a traditional BVM hymn we sing, “Rise again on God’s creation; bring to bloom this arid place; with the white cloud of your beauty and the rainfall of your grace.”



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  1. Thank you for bringing together the ancient scriptures, the present, and the prayer for a rainfall of grace for all creation! Happy Feast Day, Mary Frances

  2. What lovely imagery Marjorie, thank you.

    I have spent time standing on the grounds of our Mount Carmel and have so often heard the grace of God in the whistling winds and God’s guidance in between the bird songs and chipmunks chattering. Dear to me are also the prayers and encouragement of the BVMs sisters and associates.

  3. On this the vigil of the Feast of Mt. Carmel you have given me a wonderful reflection piece in preparation for celebrating a loved feast day. May our inner landscapes find nourishment that brings newness to life. Thank you Marjorie

  4. Lovely, timely reflection, Marge, especially the “rainfall of thy grace” words welled up in me. I thought of the powerful rains and tornadoes of this past week, I re-lived the feelings of being in a car on Interstate 20 a week ago driving in the on-again, off-again heavy rains smashing against the windshield. Rain, like overflowing grace comes and goes whether we see and feel it or not. I am eternally grateful for both.

  5. Thanks, Margjorie for your insightful thoughts to remind us of why we celebrate. May our prayers extend to those who are suffering in the West due to drought and wildfires: for those who lose lives, homes, businesses, livelihoods . . and for the firefighters. Peace to all.

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