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LOVE Where You LIVE: Dubuque Mural Engages Neighborhood

The “Love Where You Live” mural, created by Dubuque, Iowa neighborhood residents, brightens the 16th and Elm Street community.

LOVE Where You LIVE” is a mural created by residents in downtown Dubuque, Iowa. It brings a smile to my face and a dance to my step.

People taking pride in their neighborhoods is critical to caring for our common earth home. This decorated fencing illustrates how ordinary folks can live out the Laudato Si’ Action Platform goal of “community involvement and participatory action” in their everyday lives. Encouraging rootedness, a sense of pride, and belonging in a community and neighborhood, are important aspects of caring for our planet.

Engaging at the local level can connect us with people everywhere. June 5 marks the United Nations World Environment Day 2022 and this year’s focus is #OnlyOneEarth. Their hashtag motto says it well:

In the universe are billions of galaxies,
In our galaxy are billions of planets,
But there is #OnlyOneEarth.
Let’s take care of it

We often hear the bad news about climate change and tend to feel overwhelmed by it or want to run away and insulate ourselves. That will not help our earth—because there is only one earth—so let’s take care of it.

The good news is that each of us can act locally and be in solidarity with people worldwide. We repeatedly say, “Every Day is Earth Day.”  Together we can transform our societies to make them inclusive, fair, and more connected with nature.

Join with others on World Environment day, June 5 at:

In the meantime, take steps to buy only eco-friendly products; become better acquainted with your neighbors; and LOVE Where You LIVE.


We are called to participate in the Laudato Si’ Action Plan to respond to the cry of the poor and protect vulnerable resources through sustainability programs and integral ecology. BVM Sisters invite you to join in responding to the cry of our common home to work toward sustainability and integral ecology. To learn more, visit the BVM Care for Our Common Earth Home website where you’ll find actions, prayers, resources, and more:


🌎 How can you Make EVERYDAY Earth Day? 🌍
Watch a series of videos featuring Carol Marie Baum, BVM and employee Rhonda Wernimont provide simple tips on how to recycle, reuse and repurpose items to make EveryDay Earth Day:


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