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‘Holy Is the Waiting:’ Sights and Sounds of Holy Week

Pause! Wait! Bow!

Enter Holy Week! In this week, time and eternity intertwine. Holy is the waiting. Holy is the common suffering. Holy is God’s unconditional love.

This week begins with Palm Sunday. Listen attentively. Sacred are the sounds we hear: the sound of donkey hoofs on holy Earth and the sounds of Hosannas tumbling out of the mouths of women, men, and children. Even the seams of cloaks and green palm branches cry out, “Hosanna. “

Thursday of this week is called Holy. In the evening of this memorable day, we listen with attention to the sound of water swishing in a basin. The action is holy as feet and hands around the world are washed.

We pause and listen to the sounds of service. We linger longer and hear the noises of blessed meals. Holy is the bread. Holy is the wine. We become one body and we say, “We are the Body of Christ.”


Friday is called Good. Be still. Watch and wait. Reverence the cross. It’s horizontal bar is a reminder of Jesus’ arms opened wide to receive us. Linger longer. Kiss the cross from which Jesus shows us how to meet misery with courage, to serve our suffering sisters and brothers, and to love lavishly.


On Holy Saturday, we abide in the mystery of fire and light. Flames rise, candles burn, and sparks fill the darkness. Easter waits in the shadows.

Then light begins to penetrate everything. Light and glory illumine all creation.

It is Easter. Alleluia!!!


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  1. Thanks Mary Jean. Opening my senses to this weeks prayer will hopefully bring more light on Easter. Eager to walk with all.

  2. Thank you for sharing these profound messages coming from the depths of your spirituality. Happy Easter in advance.

  3. Thank you Mary Jean for reminding us of Gpd’s unconditional love and this week that is truly Holy.

  4. Thank you, Mary Jean. Your reflection helps me to more deeply pay attention to this Holy Week. I’ll be thinking of you as my heart listens more deeply.

  5. Thank you Mary Jean for the invitation into the sights, sounds and smells of this season which calls us to hope and promise of a new day when we can sing Alleluia once again! ALLELUIA!!!

  6. Reflections shared a second time are even more lovely than the first. Thank you, Mary Jean, for your deep faith that calls us all to pay attention more deeply to the realities of the Triduum.

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