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The Maiden Voyage!

In June, the BVM Sisters were thrilled to take their first outing on the new bus.

“It was so wonderful to be able to see out the big windows,” says Catherine Dominick, BVM. “To get on and off took no time at all. The ride was very smooth. Thanks for making this day possible. I am looking forward to many more exciting rides.”

Previously, outings required the use of as many as five separate vehicles to carry the same number of sisters. The new bus ensures no one gets left behind. For Julie Wessels, creative arts specialist, the bus was an answer to her prayers.

“The same amount of staff can take out almost three times the amount of sisters,” she says. “Our first trip out you would never know it was raining by the chatter from the back of the bus.”

The bus was made possible by kind people like you who gave during Great Give Day 2017.

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