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2016 Ecuador Immersion Trip: Reflections about Damien House

2016 Ecuador Immersion Trip: Reflections About Damien House

The immersion participants share their thought on their experience in Guayaquil at Damien House.

“I was amazed and awed by the sheer energy of Sister Annie and her incredible hospitality. The residents were very welcoming and thankful for our visits and our expression of care. They live their lives in dignity and respect.” – Nica Adorno

“Visiting the Damien House and Sister Annie was a profound experience. Everyone is so filled with joy, even in the face of difficult situations. I hope to take their joy into my own life.”- Ellen Dettmer

“It makes me happy to see the way the Hansens’ patients are treated at the Damien House. The workers and volunteers really do an amazing job.” – Shannon Shovlain

“I realized the impact of our BVM Mary Frances Clarke Educational Grants when I heard so many young women who work with Annie describe with gratitude and sometimes tears how the grant changed their lives.” – Peggy Geraghty 

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