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All is Sacred

Our 2021 BVM Assembly ended with the gathering of all our thoughts and prayers for our future into two directional statements (DS).

In DS1 we commit ourselves to living more profoundly into the mystery of God and more consciously into the reality of our interconnectedness with all creation.  

In DS2 we recognize the current situations of injustice in our world that call us to be and become the face of an inclusive, welcoming, and merciful church working for a just, equitable, and sustainable world in which all flourish. 

The statements are deeply related because how we see and value God’s creation—living and non-living, human and nonhuman – reflects who God is in our lives. The energy of God’s creative and sustaining love holds everything in existence and all creation thrives. In God, everything in creation is related, interconnected, interdependent and precious. What we do to cause harm to any of God’s creatures causes harm to all of us. 

We cause harm when we exercise power over another in a way that demeans and lessens their inherent value. Over the past year we have delved more deeply into the sin of racism. The demeaning of others’ value as human beings demeans all humanity. 

In the process we rob ourselves of gifts we need so that all may thrive—creativity, perspective, energy, spirituality, and life. Racism profoundly limits the mystery of God and God’s saving grace in our lives. We humans are the most fragile and yet most powerful of creatures, which is why, it seems to me, that God gives us each other.  

God sees each of us as an incredible gift. We need to ask ourselves: Do I see others as a gift? Do I treat others in a way that invites and affirms their gifts? 

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