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Sister Georgeann (Immaculate) Quinlan, BVM

Sister Georgeann (Immaculate) Quinlan, BVM, 84 of Mount Carmel Bluffs, 1160 Carmel Drive, Dubuque, Iowa, died Friday, Nov. 4, 2022.

Visitation, Sharing of Memories, and Mass of Christian Burial were on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022, in the Mary Frances Clarke Chapel at Mount Carmel Bluffs. Burial is in the Mount Carmel Cemetery.

Sister Georgeann was an elementary teacher at Visitation in Des Moines, Iowa; Our Lady of Lourdes in Chicago; and St. Leo in San Jose, Calif. She ministered as a secondary teacher Mt. St. Gertrude and a junior high religious education coordinator at Sacred Heart, both in Boulder, Colo. She was a parish youth director and pastoral assistant at Holy Apostles in Colorado Springs, Colo. In the greater Denver area, she served as director and minister of elderly programs at L.I.F.E., Inc., and was a counselor to families of the blind, public relations and marketing representative for apartment complexes, activities director for a care center and archdiocesan housing, and a community advocate for seniors.

“Georgeann once said, ‘The Lord is the Center of my life in all I am and all I do.’ Her joy and happiness were contagious as she tended to the gentle souls in every walk of life. She provided for their basic human needs and like Jesus, sat down with them to share their stories.” (Eulogy).

She was preceded in death by her parents, brothers Gerald and Richard Quinlan, and brother-in-law Lou Balaban. She is survived by a sister Marlyn Quinlan Balaban, Roseburg, Ore.; a brother Jean (Donna) Quinlan, Apple Valley, Minn.; a sister-in-law Terry Quinlan, Chicago; nieces; nephews; and the Sisters of Charity, BVM, with whom she shared life for 66 years.

Memorials may be given to Sisters of Charity, 1100 Carmel Drive, Dubuque, IA 52003 or online at

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This Post Has 9 Comments
  1. I first met Sr. Georgeann when I was in college in Boulder Colorado, and volunteered to help with some junior high CCD programs. We reconnected many years later when I ran a nonprofit in Denver with her dear friend, Jay Gould. She offered her Angels are Everywhere program with EarthLinks, which works with adults experiencing homelessness while caring for our planet, many times before she moved to the motherhouse. Her going away event from Denver was quite the event! She will be missed, but embraced by the angels for sure.

  2. What a privilege to know Sr.Georgeann, she had a way of energizing any place she was….
    Thank goodness she set an example for aging well to so many.
    You will be missed but remembered for your love of God and life!

  3. While I was saddened to read of Sister Georgeann’s passing, I realized how blessed I have been to have known her!
    Our lives intersected when we both worked with various senior communities in the Denver area. She was funny, engaged, committed and indeed a force of nature! Her love of community and her drive to do what was right was always at the forefront.
    There was never any doubt about her love of humanity and more especially her love of God.
    Now…go fly with the angels, dear friend!

  4. I was in Sr. Georgeann’s youth group at Sacred Heart in Boulder, CO in the 70’s. I have many fond memories of our prayer group and retreats. Sr. Georgeann was instrumental in helping form my faith and assisting me in getting to really know Jesus personally. She was key in helping me fall in love with Jesus. She introduced us to reading and growing in God’s Word. I remember sitting in the prayer group and passing the candle around and offering our prayers out loud when we held the candle. Great experience.
    She kept in touch with us over the years and it was wonderful to celebrate her milestones as a BVM at the parties. She brought much light and love to others.
    I loved her laugh and her silly sense of humor. She always lived fully and enjoyed people and life deeply.
    With much love and affection and fondly holding Sr. Georgeann in my heart as she now lives in our communion of saints.
    Cathy Eck Bartley

  5. So sad to read this. I am a nutritional health coach at Natural Grocers in Dubuque, IA and Sr. Georgeann was one of our favorite frequent customers.
    She started shopping at Natty G’s while living in Colorado and was pleased to see one open in Dubuque.
    She believed in the importance of caring for the planet and others as much as caring for ourselves.
    She truly was a character and we enjoyed ribbing each other in fun. And even though she had a great sense of humor, there was a very serious side that displayed a big caring heart of concern for others.
    She always made a point of finding myself and a couple of other employees to say Hi. Even if I was busy in my office, she’d politely tap on the window and wave.
    Speaking for myself and the other employees, we will miss her.
    Now she’ll be hearing from the angels themselves, all the Spirit filled stories that sparked her Angels are Everywhere ministry.
    God bless you, Sr. Georgeann.

  6. Georgeanne was a longtime friend and mentor who first recruited me as a catechist while I was studying for my undergraduate degree at C.U. She had that way of involving you in a way that drew out your undiscovered gifts. She used to come to family gatherings at my home in Denver and was embraced warmly by my parents and siblings. Hearing of her death leaves me saddened but also grateful for all that she gave to me and to so many others through her natural ability to connect, to care, and to serve.

  7. A familiar name from the past. Georgeann and l graduated from Our Lady of Peace High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, in June, 1956. Though I didn’t know her well, I remember that smile and her gentle presence. I’m happy to see where her decision to become a BVM Sister took her, and these loving memories of those knowing her.

  8. Sister Georgeann was at Sacred Heart of Jesus Jr. High when I went there in the early 80s. She was one of the kindest people I’d ever met. My dear departed parents (Terry and Alice) also loved her dearly. Although she will be missed by many, I receive comfort knowing she’ll be watching over all of us that she touched. Rest in heaven.

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