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BVMs Donate Chairs to Chicago Parish

Parishioners at St. James Parish on Wabash in Chicago replaced folding chairs with ones from the Marian Hall Chapel donated by BVMs.

“Have a seat” is a hospitable welcome.

Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary were able to extend that hospitality to St. James Parish on Wabash in Chicago with a donation of nearly 200 chairs.

“The chapel chairs replaced the folding chairs we’ve used since the city of Chicago removed us from our church after part of the ceiling fell from Holy Name Cathedral,” says Associate Virginia Piecuch, a member of the parish. “Both Victorian Gothic churches used the same architect and were built within 12 months over 125 years ago. The Archdiocese of Chicago estimated the cost of required repairs at $12 million. After a few years, the church was torn down. Our former church hall has been our worship space for about 10 years.”

Just recently the congregation was able to worship together for the first time since the pandemic.

“Everyone has been delighted with the chairs, which are much more comfortable than folding chairs and even have arms which help many people to stand up more easily. Numerous parishioners have asked me to thank all of you for this wonderful gift,” Virginia says.

The chairs came from the Marian Hall Chapel and given to the church as part of downsizing.

“How amazing it is that the chairs that have known so many years of prayer, song, worship, and quiet time with God from Marian Hall are now in your church in Chicago,” says Karen Conover, BVM. “Seeing how what was once part of our Mount Carmel furnishings blessing others brings comfort in the midst of a great deal of loss and letting go.”

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