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BVMs Continue Clarke Connections

BVMs Continue Clarke Connections

Establishing relationships with each other allows BVM Sisters and Clarke students to share prayer and values. 

Since its founding in 1843 by BVM Foundress Mary Frances Clarke, Clarke University and the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary have forever been linked by the tradition of education. In the recent issue of Clarke magazine learn how the tradition continues to connect sisters and students:

“The Resident Assistant staff of Residence Life work hard to make sure everyone on campus at Clarke University feels welcomed, supported, and informed. In an effort to connect students with Clarke’s Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) heritage, every Resident Assistant (RA) has been partnered with a BVM sister for one school year. These partnerships are ‘Prayer Pals,’ and, as the name suggests, they will connect in prayer and beyond throughout the year to not only support each other, but all students living in the residence halls.”

Prayer Pals - BVMs/ClarkeRead the entire article: Prayer Pals: The Spirit of the BVMs Continues to Thrive at Clarke



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