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Associate Gabrielle (Gabe) Blood May 22, 1946 – May 23, 2024 Accepted June 22, 1999

Gabrielle (Gabe) was born in San Francisco and baptized in San Carlos, Calif. She also lived in Oregon and Washington before moving to Madison, Wisc. to attend the University of Wisconsin School of Social Work. She met her devoted husband, Dennis Klaila at their parish, St. Paul’s University Catholic Center.

She was a grants and contract specialist for the Wisconsin State Office of Child Care and a devoted member of her parish. She served at the national level of the Evangelical Ecumenical Women’s Caucus.

Gabe’s aunt, Sr. Catherine Montessoro, BVM, was her first connection to the BVM community. Through Catherine, Gabe became friends with BVMs St. Julian Flaherty, Maureen Patrice Fury, Carmencita Fradinardo and Inez Fawcett in the 1990s. Through Network she connected with BVMs Rose Mary Meyer, Carolyn Farrell, Mary Ellen McDonagh and Helen Gourlay. She also grew close to BVMs Amy Golm and Mira Mosle through other relationships before she became an associate. In Amy’s letter of affirmation for Gabe to become an associate, Amy stated, “Gabe’s affection for our sisters, communion with BVM mission and values, and her demonstrated giftedness for leadership and networking will make her an asset to the BVM Associate community.”

Although in Gabe’s application, she predicted, “I expect my sharings with BVMs concerning the Associate Experience to be very informal,” she was quite active as an associate. Gabe participated in the Milwaukee Cluster, sat on the Associate Coordinating Committee (ACC), the Shareholder Education and Advocacy Group (SEA), and Co-coordinator of the BVM Women’s Office. She helped plan BVM Network activities, regularly attended Senates, retreats, and regional meetings. She was a natural leader.

In October 2018, Gabe suffered from a stroke and was unable to return home. During Gabe’s long convalescence, Dennis has kept her connected to her BVM circle of friends by reading her the mailings that would come in and by assisting her participation in Zoom calls when possible.

Funeral plans are pending.



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