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Social Justice
As women of the church, we are called to give strong public witness against oppression brought about by unjust political and social structures, locally, nationally and internationally. We are called to participate in the worldwide struggle of those who suffer injustice, ignorance and indignity. 

The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary has long espoused peace, nonviolence, and putting the needs of the poor and vulnerable first, especially for the rights and dignity of women and children. We empathize with the plight of all those who are marginalized by our society, believing that fear, ignorance, and prejudice work against justice and the Gospel message.

We contribute to social justice causes through participation in boycotts, vigils, nonviolent demonstrations, acts of civil disobedience, shareholders meetings, letter-writing campaigns, phone calls to congressional leaders, and prayer. We have taken corporate stances on nonviolence and immigration reform, and against human trafficking and the death penalty.

We believe in a better future for the United States and the world, and we believe in the power of presence and prayer as we pursue our dreams for such a future. Education is a first step in familiarizing ourselves with current social issues that are unjust. In accord with each person’s ability to “think globally and act locally,” we invite others to join us in pursuit of a more just society and world.

Congregational Stances

The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in accordance with our mission and core values of freedom, education, charity and justice, have taken the following congregational stances.

Death Penalty

We stand in opposition to the devaluation of human life by capital punishment and the use of violence to exact retribution from the perpetrators of violent acts. (2001)


Conscious of the present suffering and injustices experienced by our immigrants and with an awareness that our current United States immigration policy is morally unacceptable, we proclaim and affirm our commitment to comprehensive immigration reform. (2010)
(Reaffirmed – BVM Assembly 2018)

Human Trafficking

We oppose the trafficking of human persons, a form of modern day slavery, for any purpose whatsoever. We stand in solidarity with all who work to eliminate this tragic evil. (2014)


Throughout our history, we have engaged in peacemaking, envisioning a world where all persons live in dignity. (2014)

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