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May Peace and Justice Prevail on Earth

The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary join our sisters and brother across the nation in mourning the death of Mr. George Floyd.  His senseless death cries out not only for justice under the law, but for a conversion of the heart of all Americans to respect for all human life regardless of race, gender, religion or social status.

May we always be people of PEACE.
Where there is hatred, may we bring LOVE.
Where there is injury, may we offer PARDON.
Where there is doubt, may we witness to FAITH.
Where there is despair, may we be signs of HOPE,
Where there is darkness, may we bring LIGHT.
And where there is sadness, may we be JOY.

May there be PEACE and JUSTICE.
…in our families, in our schools,
in our neighborhoods, in our communities,
in our homelands and in our world.
May Peace and Justice prevail on Earth.

(Peace Prayer, Adapted)

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