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Digest for the Common Good

The monthly Digest for the Common Good is a collaborative effort by the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque, Iowa, to create a resource page that engages in pressing and current social justice issues. This includes offering timely action alerts, compelling articles, and thought provoking videos on many contemporary issues. We invite you to join us in working for the Common Good by taking action on social justice issues surrounding immigration, the environment, labor, and civic engagement.

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TAKE ACTION- Help End Family Separation

KIND, Kids In Need of Defense, is an organization committed to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of immigrant and refugee children. In response to the current administration's decision to separate…

TAKE ACTION- Reunite and Release Families

For the last four years, Congress has paid private companies (the same ones throwing money at Trump) $3.4 billion to house migrant children. Almost half of those companies face disturbing…

Iowa Hog Farm Operations Pollute Community

In a Yes! Magazine article, a closer examination is given into how hog farm operations in northeast Iowa have turned Iowa residents into unlikely activists. The main reason behind the recent surge…

TAKE ACTION- Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline

Crude oil pipelines are more and more frequently violating the right to health, safety, and dignity that indigenous nations are entitled to. The severe environmental threat that crude oil poses…

Civic Responsibility
Catholic Social Teaching Voting Guide

A Call to Holiness is a 2018 voting guide grounded in the tenets and themes of Catholic Social Teaching. This resource has been provided by multiple national Catholic organizations such…

Additional Information
VIDEO- Mass Incarceration and Racial Inequality

The Equal Justice Initiative, founded by Bryan Stevenson, is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, as well as challenging racial and economic injustice. This…

Changing the Narrative About Native Americans

Reclaiming Native Truth is a project whose goal is "to move hearts and minds toward greater respect, inclusion and social justice for Native Americans". In order to counter false narratives…

Franciscan Peace Center

The Clinton (Iowa) Franciscans publish the Action Alert Digest weekly. It consists of current news items and opportunities for taking action on social justice issues such as active nonviolence and peacemaking, human trafficking, immigration reform, the death penalty, environmental concerns, and poverty.

Actions in the current edition include:

  • Tell World Governments to Cease War Rehearsals
  • More Countries Sign onto Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Protect Climate from Dangerous Methane Gas Leaks
  • Restore Palestinian Humanitarian Aid
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LCWR Resolutions to Action

The Global Concerns Committee is pleased to be able to share our summer publication of Resolutions to Action. Many thanks to Eileen Haynes, SCL for her excellent piece, We are Made for These Times. No matter where you stand, or how you see the universe, these are challenging times. Recognizing that division, disappointment, and discord are always part of ebb and flow of life, Eileen reminds us of our need to take simple, basic steps to maintain a healthy balance in our lives, for ourselves, and those with whom we are called to journey.

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For more information about social justice issues of the Sisters of Charity, BVM and the Sisters of St. Francis, contact:

“I mean to say, I want to see a better world. I mean to say, I want to see some peace somewhere. I mean to say, I want to see some honesty, some fair play. I want to see kindness and justice. This is what I want to see. ”

—Dr. Maya Angelou

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