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Martin Luther King Jr. Was More Radical Than We Remember

In an article written by Jenn M. Jackson, a thought-provoking piece is offered on the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The author is able to take the reader through a short timeline of Dr. King’s radical activism that aren’t typically taught in American history. The main point of the article is to offer insight on how Dr. King was not a beloved icon when he was alive, his views on civil rights were considered dangerous and too progressive for the time, and that his sudden popularity can be attributed to a willingness to forget his radicalness.

The author argues that a disservice is done to Dr. King because instead of “a truthful reckoning with his radical positions on justice, many cling to King’s earlier quotes and work, misrepresenting the full gamut of his contributions to the justice tradition.”

Click this LINK to read gain a better understanding of how radical Dr. King was despite attempts to paint him in a softer, less revolutionary light.

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