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The Mount Carmel Librarian is responsible for the general operation of the library, including creating a welcoming environment, managing the rotation of new books, periodicals, and all other media, and coordination of volunteers. This position is anticipated to be approximately 12 hours a week.

Responsibilities include:

  • Oversees all operations of the Mount Carmel library including, but not limited to:
    purchasing all new books, movies, periodicals, newspaper subscriptions, and all other media and necessary equipment;
    cataloging and processing of all newly acquired books and other media materials, culls the collection as necessary;
    managing the circulation process, keeping records;
    maintaining the card catalog.
  • Ensures the library’s software system is updated and provides training to volunteers.
  • Works with library committee(s) to select new items for the library.
  • Supervises various library volunteers in a wide-range of functions, including circulation assisting, shelving, periodical circulation, and processing of withdrawn books; creates task lists for volunteers and provides necessary training.
  • Assists library patrons with searches and selections;
  • Fosters welcoming environment;
  • Creates programs related to library resources and encourages participation;
  • Provides materials for visually disabled (challenged) Sisters.

Ideal candidate shall possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, an aptitude for technology, and a spirit of collaboration. Associates degree and 3-5 years of experience expected. A resume and cover letter should be submitted to

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