ER Companion


Posted 3 months ago

The ER Companion provides a comforting and supportive presence to BVM residents of the Mount Carmel CCRC and liaison to the Health Care staff at Mount Carmel during emergency room visits through hospital admission or discharge from ER to Mount Carmel during the hours of 4 PM-8 AM.

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Foster and affirm the mission, core values and philosophy of retirement of the Sisters of Charity, BVM;
  2. Maintain confidentiality regarding resident, employee and facility business;
  3. Meet BVM resident at the Emergency Room;
  4. Stay with sister while she is in the Emergency Room until she returns home or is admitted;
  5. Call back to the Nurse at Mount Carmel for any needed information and relay any updates on sister’s care and/or condition.

The ideal candidate shall possess the ability to deal with people in a positive manner and relate well with the elderly, function well under stress and in crisis situations; possess flexibility, compassion, patience, good judgement and a sense of humor.

The position requires excellent communication skills, and must qualify to drive based on agency drivers requirements.

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