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Furloughed Disability Worker Struggling Under the Shutdown

In an article written for Vox, a furloughed disability worker shares about how the federal government shutdown forces them, and others in their position, to have to sacrifice basic needs to survive. The author, Kings Floyd, explains that the shutdown forces people to have to either pay for their medical prescriptions or their bills. It’s crucial to remember the value of workers during this government shutdown and to provide ways for them to maintain their humanity while their livelihoods are threatened.

Floyd goes on to state that even if when the shutdown gets resolved, “if and when the government does resume, I will be able to revert back to my normal level of care — but I will also have to spend more time and resources recovering from this period of interrupted care. I have to work harder to take care of myself because I currently cannot pay for help, leaving me weak and unable to complete larger tasks and chores I could have done.”

Click this LINK to read more about how the government shutdown is further jeopardizing those who are most vulnerable in our society.

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